7th Chamber

Unruly, Video Distribution Agency

Unruly’s mission is to deliver the most impactful social video campaigns on the planet and since 2007 they have tracked and audited 1.65 billion video views across 2,000+ successful video campaigns for over 400 brands. Their ground-breaking monitoring technology enables brands to engage consumers wherever they are, whatever screen they’re interacting with, across the full range of mobile, tablet and other second screen devices. View their insights and case studies on unrulymedia.com


Interlude, Interactive Video Agency

Founded in 2009 by Israeli rock musician Yoni Bloch, Interlude was the realization of a vision to enable video creators to express themselves in a new way and offer viewers a unique next-generation online video experience. With their programming expertise, Interlude enable us to turn our films into personalized interactive video experiences, such as choose-your-own-path videos which more than double audience engagement and create a buzz across social media networks and blogs. For examples and statistics, visit interlude.fm

Ralph Cochrane

Ralph Cochrane, Digital Marketing Consultant

As a close collaborator of Rainstar Boutique, Ralph advises consumer as well as design and luxury brands in video marketing strategies, activation of digital content and experimental marketing through film. His speciality is innovation, where creativity, technology and brands meet. Ralph works with major brands, Fortune 500 companies and artists to create content and activate online campaigns. Throughout his 15 year career, he has helped to create campaigns for brands as well as social causes on the world stage. thecreativegrid.com

Airborne Films

Airborne Films

The Paris-based production company specialises in high-end aerial cinematography and is our partner for French productions. airbornefilms.fr